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Between the exciting rides, fun mascots and surprisingly progressive policies, millions of Japanese and foreign tourists have their “dreams come true” at Tokyo Disneyland every year. But for every dream fulfilled, there are always a few little hearts broken when a child realizes they are too short to experience the thrilling ride that has everyone else screaming for joy.

Some 16 years ago, one such girl was turned away at one of the rides and given a “Future Passenger Certificate,” a seemingly primitive version of Disney’s Fastpass, which entitled her to skip to the front of the line when she came back as an older and taller Tokyo Disneyland guest.

The woman, who posted the above photo of her paper pass on Twitter, apparently visited Tokyo Disneyland on May 22, 1998 and was turned away from the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster ride because of her short stature. According to Disney, riders must be at least 102 cm (3’3″) tall for the four-minute journey that includes sharp curves, drops and possums.

So 16 years later, the pass-holder came back to Tokyo Disneyland and brought her Future Passenger Certificate. She handed over her pass to an employee—or “cast member” as they prefer to be called—who said, “You’re all grown up now!” and whisked her away to the front of the line.

 Unfortunately not all TDL visitors can skip the lines at Big Thunder Mountain

2014.03.03 disney lineImage: Flickr (ysishikawa)

The woman said that the whole experience was “like a dream” and the Internet swooped in to agree with her. As of March 4, her photo was retweeted over 26,000 times and became a huge topic of conversation among Japanese netizens reminiscing about the legendary hospitality at Tokyo Disneyland. Many said that this woman’s experience is exactly why people love the famous theme park and keep coming back.

“Disney really is where dreams come true…”

“Of course Disney wouldn’t have an expiration date for priceless moments like this!”

“All I remember about Disneyland is being scared by that rat, but this kind of story changes my mind.”

While many were touched by the woman’s 16-year-long dream to ride Big Thunder Mountain, some netizens found the story a little less moving than their peers.

“…And why is this a big deal? I got tons of those tickets when I was little.”

“At least that’s a good ride, it would have sucked if she had waited 16 years for that terrible Journey to the Center of the Earth ride.”

“OMG. I’m more shocked that 1998 was 16 years ago!” (Author’s note: you and me both, honey)

Can you relate to this woman’s long wait to finally go on that height-restricted theme park ride everyone else enjoyed? Let us know in the comments below if you’ve ever seen an “ancient” Fastpass like this at a theme park or used one yourself!

Feature Image: Twitter (amtsssss)
Source: Niconico News