For quite some time a blog had been lying dormant in the recesses of the internet featuring a group of young guys – presumably students – elevating the art of asshattery to bold new levels.

However, recently this internet artifact as unearthed and spread through Twitter like a virus of stupid and justly incinerated by the indignation of the masses.

In an effort to remember this event and perhaps teach future generations that being completely ignorant is no way to go through life, we present: A Group of Huge Jerkoffs Riding Big Thunder Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland.

First here is a rundown of the events in plain English. One day a group of young men decided to go to Disneyland… which, having just typed it, seems pretty odd in itself, but we’ll let that slide.

After having waited in line for the Big Thunder Mountain ride they were able to board together at the same place.  With the timing just right, they were all able to bypass the guard bar so that they could all stand up during the ride.



Unfortunately their brilliant plan was derailed by a safety mechanism in Big Thunder Mountain which locks the ride down automatically in the event of a lifted bar. The boys were unaware that this could happen and sat, or stood, confused until the Disney staff started yelling at them.

One of the boys took this opportunity to climb out onto the front locomotive part of the roller coaster further enraging workers. These future leaders of Japan were then taken from the ride and escorted out the back door of it.


Then they had some cheeseburgers and went home where they uploaded the whole story documented with photos onto a blog.


Now we’ll present you with a translation of their blog article. This translation took painstaking effort to preserve the inherent stupidity of the original Japanese posting into English so that you, the reader, may get a better sense of these people’s mental state.

“Yay!! At last we all could ride with excitement to the MAX!! Whoaaa!! Everyone was thinking the same thing lol and we slowly climb the hill before the drop gatagatagatagata gatatta!! Eh? We stopped high on the hill to see a deer pretty good… do we wait our turn? No, it’s too long? Then the staff came up all like You know what you did? Their voice was all super pissed off telling us to come down lol The cause of this seemed to be us standing was the reason, the safety something blah blah stopped the start of the ride there was an awkward moment while we tried to get down… then, suddenly Get Doooooown!!!! The staff in a super loud voice called!!!! [name removed]!!!! That guy’s a beast! lol [name removed] has got to be the first person to ever climb out on the first car locomotive of the Big Thunder Mountain in history LEGEND!! Then, we had to walk through the back of Big Thunder Mountain! Suddenly we were pulled from the dreamland and into reality. lol it’s a rare sight. ‘N more, first, because of us how many minutes? How many hours? Because so many people had to wait for the ride, I apologize. Waaaaiiiit, I got an idea! lol Then the ride was stopped it is a good time to eat something! To the hamburger shop!! Meat is perfect now! lol”

Meat is perfect now indeed, or we should say it was perfect in the time of this article which brings us to the main point of this debacle.

We all have done stupid things in our lives to varying degrees, but in all these cases we afterward feel a sense of guilt or shame which ultimately shapes our character and choices in the future making us better people.

I could understand getting caught up in the moment and climbing out onto the fake steam engine – as lame as that is – and perhaps even chuckling over some hamburgers about it. But at most, the next day when the adrenalin wore off I would have to think about the poor underpaid staff who had to put up with me or the disappointed children who could ride Big Thunder Mountain that day. And if I were truly a man I would probably try to make it up to some of those people, but at least I would try to put that ugly event behind me chalk it up as a learning experience and never do something like that again.

However, these boys seemed to have seemingly experienced none of these stages. They posted their adventure for all to see (we blurred their faces) and left it there fully documented with photos and a semi-coherent narrative.

If it weren’t for the Twitter users who dug this up and then flooded them with the cold hard truth of their assholishness, these guys probably still would have that site up thinking what they did was awesome.

Instead the blog has been removed, and hopefully those boys got the tough love they needed. Good work, Internet!

Source: A blog since removed and Twitter
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