Big Thunder Mountain

Tokyo Disneyland honors “proto-Fastpass” given to girl 16 years ago, melts the Internet’s heart

Between the exciting rides, fun mascots and surprisingly progressive policies, millions of Japanese and foreign tourists have their “dreams come true” at Tokyo Disneyland every year. But for every dream fulfilled, there are always a few little hearts broken when a child realizes they are too short to experience the thrilling ride that has everyone else screaming for joy.

Some 16 years ago, one such girl was turned away at one of the rides and given a “Future Passenger Certificate,” a seemingly primitive version of Disney’s Fastpass, which entitled her to skip to the front of the line when she came back as an older and taller Tokyo Disneyland guest.

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Blog Chronicling Dumbasses at Tokyo Disneyland Shamed by Internet and Removed

For quite some time a blog had been lying dormant in the recesses of the internet featuring a group of young guys – presumably students – elevating the art of asshattery to bold new levels.

However, recently this internet artifact as unearthed and spread through Twitter like a virus of stupid and justly incinerated by the indignation of the masses.

In an effort to remember this event and perhaps teach future generations that being completely ignorant is no way to go through life, we present: A Group of Huge Jerkoffs Riding Big Thunder Mountain in Tokyo Disneyland.

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