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Strange, almost otherwordly creatures have been discovered in the depths of the world’s oceans. But none have ever made someone immediately scream, “I wanna eat it!” That is until now.

Currently the topic of discussion on forums across Japan, this deep-sea shrimp-like crustacean seems to remind many netizens of nigiri sushi.

The animal in question is the Hirondellea gigas, a crustacean that survives at depths past 35,000 feet and feeds on sunken wood, including the wood of sunken ships. That’s interesting enough, but netizens can’t seem to get past this little guy’s uncanny resemblance to a popular Japanese dish. Here’s the entire picture that has been making the rounds:

Bizarre deep-sea shrimp or delicious sushi? Japanese netizens weigh in

Japanese netizens had this to say:

“It looks like a piece of sushi sprouted legs!”

“Looks like something you’d see on a conveyor belt sushi menu.”

“It looks delicious!”

“I wonder what it tastes like…”

“I thought it was just going to look like a flat orange shrimp, but it even has the rice attached!”

We here in the RocketNews24 office are inclined to say that it doesn’t look anything like a delicious Japanese dish, but we suddenly have a craving for sushi so we’re not quite sure. Let us know what you think about this deep-sea crustacean in the comments section!

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Source: nwk news
Image: Wikipedia (edited by RocketNews24)