You don’t have to be a marine biologist to fall in love with these unusual specimens.

Felissimo has made a name for itself, both locally and abroad, as the leading supplier of adorable cat goods, covering everything from food to apparel and homewares. This summer, they’re cooling off with a visit to the ocean, adding to their recent smiling seal cushion release with a brand new lineup of carry pouches, featuring some of the world’s most rarely seen deep-sea creatures. While they usually dwell in the dark depths, these creatures can now be found on dry ground dangling from your handbag or backpack, where they’re sure to turn heads and amuse passers-by.

First up in the range is the “Senbei Dako” (literally “rice cracker octopus”), who goes by the official title of “Opisthoteuthis japonica”. Native to Japan, this creature usually lives at depths of around 152 metres (499 feet). Now it can be found hanging from the side of your handbag and possibly holding a bellyful of sweets.




▼ The natural movement of the octopus can be replicated by pulling its sides in and out, while the base of the pouch contains replica suckers, which help to keep the pouch in place on a flat surface.


Next, the frightening Frilled Shark looks far more friendly above ground, where it helps to carry small goods in its innards.


Using a tweed fabric to replicate the rough surface of the fish, the six red-frilled gills of the unusual species also appear on the striking pouch.


The mouth of the shark here is actually a cleverly-designed lens cleaner, which comes in handy for keeping glasses and smartphone screens clean.


The transparent Leptocephalus is the flat larval stage of the eel, with its see-through body revealing delicate white bones, making for a fascinating image as it moves through the sea. Now it’s been given new life as a see-through carry case, perfect for storing stationery and other small items.


Designed to clip around the handles of your handbag, the carry case brings a cute point of contrast to plain-coloured materials.


The clear body of this Leptocephalus is designed to be used as a smartphone case. The screen can be used through the case itself, without having to take it out of the bag.


The wonderfully named Kiwa hirsuta, also dubbed the “Yeti Lobster” by its discoverers, looks just like the real version of itself, only this one has a zippered case for carrying around small goods.



▼ Its long, hirsute arms allow it to hang gracefully onto your backpack or handbag.


And just to make us love the unusual series even more, Felissimo has gone one step further in showing their support for the marine world, putting a portion of funds from each purchase towards coastal clean-ups, coral reef conservation activities, and the donation of teaching materials to marine schools. Each item in the range retails for 2,156 yen on Felissimo’s online Japanese store or US$19.56 on their international webstore. Be aware, though, that the series is actually sold as a set with a different item being sent out every month for four months.


Source, Images: Felissimo