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Conveyor belt sushi shops are a cheap way to grab some raw fish or fried food on rice. They are widely known for being clean, efficient, and the perfect way to get exactly the amount of food you want. However, as a few surprised Twitter users have shown us, when you combine speedy food with revolving belts, sometimes things go wrong. From oddly shaped eggs to food that’s not even on a plate, take a look at these conveyor belt sushi disasters and mishaps.

Sushi only has a few key ingredients, but it looks like the sushi chefs often forget to add the most important part of the dish:

▼ Maybe it’s supposed to be “Wasabi Sushi”?

▼ Why does this keep happening?!

▼ Did someone help themselves to a piece of fried chicken?

429166546Twitter (@ORIE_ntal)

▼ So close!

Sometimes you’re lucky to find something really unexpected at the local conveyor belt sushi shop:

▼ “A bunch of whole pears came down the conveyor belt. None of us really know how to eat it, so none of them have been taken. They just keep going round and round. At least peel the darn things!”

▼ What? You don’t go out to kaitezushi for the hard-boiled eggs?

Talk about missing the mark, these foods didn’t even make it on the plate:

ByL5n2oCQAA_ODhTwitter (yukakya_n)

▼ Just a lonely cucumber.

▼ A bag of tartar sauce used by the chefs. Maybe they thought the customers would want to add extra sauce to their sushi?

Through all of these kaitenzushi fails, we’ve learned that eggs are really hard to get right:

▼ The chef was getting really creative and made an egg boat.

861006530Twitter (@misoiru)

▼ Hmm, this one is upside down…

610303769Twitter (@aurahug2)

▼ Find the egg.

Although the photos above aren’t ideal, patrons can simply choose to not take the questionable, oversized, or outlandish dishes roaming the restaurant. However, there’s absolutely nothing you can do when there’s a traffic accident on the conveyer:

▼ Poor, poor pudding. Now no one can eat your deliciousness.

▼ Come on, people! You’re going to have to start taking some plates off of there in a hurry!

▼ The conveyor belt completely stopped. No sushi for anyone.

Have you run into any of these sushi disasters while out to eat? Let us know about it in the comments section!

Source: Naver Matome