As part of a society where industriousness is prized above just about anything else, many people in Japan feel like they could use a boost in the middle of the day. Austrian Red Bull and American Monster have booth made headways into the Japanese market, but this month sees a new entry to the energy drink battleground with the indigenous Samuride, which promises to invigorate you with ingredients used by Japan’s famed warriors.

Samuride is being produced by House Wellness Foods, an affiliate of the House conglomerate best known for keeping Japan’s stamina levels filled with its line of curry roux. The new beverage doesn’t contain any curry powder, but it is packed with other ostensibly invigorating spices.

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House Wellness Foods is proudest of its use of star anise, which is often implemented in Chinese herbal remedies. The company also claims that samurai used to pound star anise into the lining of their helmets before entering battle, and that breathing in the aroma would give them strength in battle.

“Star anise gives you the pep you need to cut heads off all day long!”

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The Samuride recipe was developed with input from Munetetsu Tei, president of Nihon Pharmaceutical University. In addition to star anise, it’s filled with a host of other ingredients with a long history of medicinal use in Japan, including ginger, ginseng, aralia, and jujubes (the fruit, not the candy).

The tired and thirsty can pick up a can of Samuride starting March 17, when convenience stores, train station kiosks, and vending machines all start selling the drink for 190 yen (US$1.85). Each can supplies you with 56 calories, 80 milligrams of caffeine, and 300 milligrams of the amino acid arginine. Although not specifically mentioned by House Wellness Foods, we’re assuming the side-effect of an undeniable urge to strap two swords to your waist is a given.

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