Sweet, fluffy and a little chewy, apparently.

It had been a while since Japanese-language reporter Aoi Kuroneko had some Rilakkuma-theme foods, the most recent being a couple of delicious sweet bean desserts. And so when she heard that convenience store Lawson was offering something similar, she knew she had to try it.

It was a limited-edition pudding-flavored custard cake (146 yen, US$1.30) in the shape of everyone’s beloved bear mascot Rilakkuma. First released in November last year, it had recently gotten a packaging makeover due to popular demand. But as Aoi had hastily stuffed the cake into her bag, the adorable Rilakkuma treat got squished on one side of its face.

▼ Although that kind of made it look even more relaxed than ever.

▼ “Remember to treat your Rilakkuma with the utmost respect and care,” she chided herself.

▼ Unwrapping and gently placing it on a dish, something still felt off.

▼ Now that’s better! Rilakkuma needed to lie on its side and not on its back, after all.

▼ The cutest part had to be the little tail on the other side.

▼ Now to see what the insides looked like.

▼ And the best way to do that, Aoi reckoned, was to tear into it.

▼ She felt a certain morbid satisfaction ripping apart her favorite bear.

▼ “Gyaaaaaaaaaa!” she screamed for poor Rilakkuma.

▼ “Rilakkumaaaaaaaaaaaa! Oh, it looks yummy.”

Beneath the honeyed cake exterior was a layer of mochi, which gave a nice chewy texture. The creamy custard tasted like pudding, and Aoi was glad that Rilakkuma was filled all the way up to the ears with it. All around a great snack to go with a mug of coffee.

Finishing off the rest of the limited-edition dessert, Aoi felt 146 yen was too low a price to pay for something so delicious. Another two or three more pudding-flavored custard cakes would not hurt, but perhaps she should get them after a nice Rilakkuma curry dinner. Yes, that would be a perfect way to end the day.

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