Many of you have probably heard about the croissant doughnuts that have been all the rage in New York, so much so that buying them for people apparently has become a business on its own. Well, we’ve heard about the delectable pastry here in Japan too, and we already have some bakeries and even a convenience store chain selling the sweet, flaky treats. Now it looks like Mister Donut in Japan is going to be the newest member to join the Cronut bandwagon. From April 1, the major doughnut chain will be offering their own version of the treat, which they’re calling the Mr. Croissant Donut. And we have to say we’re quite happy with the news, because frankly, New York is a bit far for us to go and buy pastries, but these, we can’t wait to try right here in Japan!

According to the Mister Donut press release, their Mr. Croissant Donuts are made from croissant dough that has been fried and then oven-baked, giving it a very light and flaky texture, with a special whipped cream sandwiched in between.

The Mr. Croissant Donuts will come in three different flavors:

Chocolate and Custard Whipped Cream: The light croissant pastry (fried and then baked) has custard whipped cream sandwiched inside, and is also coated with chocolate and topped with crunchy chocolate crumbs and powdered sugar.


White Chocolate and Caramel Whipped Cream: The flaky croissant/doughnut comes with a caramel whipped cream sandwiched inside and is coated with white chocolate, topped with almonds and decorated with regular chocolate.


Maple and Angel Whipped Cream: The croissant pastry, again with whipped cream inside, is coated with a maple syrup glaze and decorated with white chocolate.



Mmm … don’t they all look scrumptious? As far as we can tell from the pictures, the croissant donuts really do look light and flaky, and that cream in the middle looks absolutely irresistible. The donuts will cost 180 yen (US$1.78) a piece, and they’ll be on sale until early June. Come April 1, we have a feeling many doughnut loving Japanese customers are going to have a hard time deciding which croissant donut to try. But then again, we don’t think they’ll be complaining about being surrounded by all that chocolate and whipped cream!

Source and photos: PR TIMES