Cats are always sticking their noses…and heads and butts and, well, their whole bodies where they just don’t belong. Working on an important business report? Cat on the keyboard! Trying to cook? Cat face in your mixing bowl! Strange noises in your closet freaking you out at night? Cat doing…something in there. We still have no idea what.

While we all love a cute kitty, it’s impossible to avoid the fact that they simply have an innate desire to get in the way or into just about everything. One Japanese Twitter user learned this the funny way when his cat just…disappeared!

Apparently Twitter user @yu11031009 needs to keep a better eye on his pet–sorry, we mean master. He looked up one day to realize that there was a lack of cat anus under his nose…and started wondering where his feline friend was. After looking around his apartment for a bit, he discovered the furry creature’s perfect hiding spot.

“Just when I was thinking that he was nowhere in the apartment…
LOL you little punk! LOL I’m gonna cook you up, you naughty kitty!”

Well, we have to admit that it does look like a pretty warm and comfy place. We just hope @yu11031009 cleaned his pot out before making rice. Cat hair rice might sound tasty, but we assure you that it is not. Which is really too bad, because we were sure that it was going to make cat cafe’s so much more efficient!

While most of us were left going “awwwwwwwwwww!” at the sight of the pot cat, not quite all Japanese commenters were so impressed.


“Cat food?” Hah!

I really just want to close the lid…


Didn’t you just put the cat in there yourself?

I bet you just put the cat in the pot yourself and took a picture so you could make up that story and then post it to get popular.

Hey, he’s got the pics! It must have happened, right?

▼See? Here it is one more time. Because kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!


Well, we will choose to believe this adorable story, no matter what the Internet tough guys say!

So, in case your cat ever goes missing, be sure to check all your pots before you start cooking, okay? And to make sure you never forget, here’s a video of cats in pots being adorable!

Remember folks: If your kitty wants to be in a pot, it will put itself in a pot. Please don’t try to force it!

Source/Images: Jin115, Twitter