Japan’s Best Slide Girls: Japanese poll ranks anime’s best lovelorn heroines, gives us hope too                

Just because they didn’t land the protagonist’s affections doesn’t mean they aren’t beloved by fans.

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Turn your painful break-up into a positive global force with this “Heartbreak Box”!

We all know break-ups can be a painful, gut-wrenching experience. Even long after the actual traumatic event, you may suddenly be seized with thoughts such as, “Oh, we were supposed to see that movie together,” or “We were going to go to that beach this summer,” and find yourself weeping uncontrollably at the most unexpected and usually inopportune moments.

And what can really be a bummer is deciding what to do with all the things your ex-boyfriend (or ex-girlfriend) gave you. Birthday presents, letters or even pictures of the two of you together — all items that were irreplaceable treasures at one time — can bring back painful memories and possibly even prevent you from moving on. But now, there may be an ideal solution to this problem, and one that can help change the world for the better.

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