In Japan, there is a saying that goes, “25 years old is the turning point of the skin.” As you might expect from a nation with a multi-billion yen beauty industry, many Japanese women, especially those who are past 30, are in a constant battle to preserve their aging features. Of course we’d all like to stay young, but how does one go about keeping their skin looking fresh and youthful? We asked a 30-something Japanese TV and movie star to reveal her tips to better looking skin. Read on to learn her beauty secrets!

You might recognize Mihiro from her spot-on Attack on Titan cosplay, but she’s better known in Japan for her numerous appearances in films as well as variety shows on television. It might be hard to tell, but she’s 31 years old!


The fresh-faced Mihiro frequently posts health and beauty tips on her personal blog. It seems she not only has the looks, but the knowledge as well, so we asked her to let us in on her secret to flawless skin.

RN24: Your skin is so beautiful, just like a porcelain doll! We’re just going to come straight out and ask you, what’s your daily beauty routine?

Mihiro: I wash my face with warm water in the morning and then put on lotion or a moisturizing face mask. I don’t use a facial cleanser. After, regardless of the season, I always apply a good amount of sunscreen to my face.


Mihiro: At night I use an ion steamer to take off my makeup. I wash my face while taking a bath and then put on a face mask. I keep it wrapped up for about thirty minutes *haha* I keep it on while cooking or doing things around the house, so it’s on there for a total of 1.5 to 2 hours, I guess.

RN24: I see! Do you have any tips for people around 30 who want to keep their entire body looking young?

Mihiro: I always try to hop in the bath after taking a shower. I massage baby oil into my skin while in the tub and then apply a cream moisturizer after.

RN24: Wow, it takes a lot of effort to keep your good looks. But what about the days when you drink a little too much or get caught at work late, doesn’t your beauty routine become more of a hassle?

Mihiro: Of course, there have been days when I accidentally fell asleep before I could get through my normal routine. I felt so guilty those times *haha* When I fall asleep before taking off my makeup, I make an effort to use a facial scrub and gently massage my skin the next day.


RN24: Phew, I’m glad to know that even a beauty master has days when she plays hooky! Do you have any tips on staying motivated to keep up a beauty routine?

Mihiro: Motivation…Hmm, I don’t really know, but I get really happy when other people say I haven’t changed. I sometimes blurt out, “Yeah! Alright!!” in celebration. Also, when I have kids I really want their friends to say “X’s mom is so beautiful”, so I guess that’s my motivation.


Mihiro: If I’m being honest, turning 30 comes with a lot of new things, so I try to somehow slow the change of time. In the future, I hope I will age into a cute little granny.

RN24: Just one last question…could you please give us a message to all of our readers?

Mihiro: Um…Please be my English teacher ☆

The radiant Mihiro also left us with a few more beauty tips such as “Let your skin breath and go without makeup on your days off.” Many of her suggestions for beautiful skin are easy to implement immediately, so for all of you 30-something-year-olds, take heart and keep your friend Mihiro’s skin care techniques in mind. We’ll be trying them out ourselves at home!

Original article by Miho Kuroi
Images: RocketNews24