Nourish your skin and lock in moisture for just 100 yen!

Let’s face it, there are plenty of things out there that make you wish you knew sooner; storing exercise balls in the corner of ceilings, fixing wet pages of a book, and learning not to mess with Mr. Sato. If you’ve not heard of the marvellous Silicone Moisturizing Mask available from Japan’s 100-yen shop franchise, Daiso, then we suggest that you spare two minutes to read this article. We promise you’ll walk away more enlightened than ever before.

As its name implies, this 100-yen (US$0.90) product is essentially an elastic silicone mask with two ear loops. What distinguishes it from others of its kind is that the mask offers a snug fit thanks to those ear loops, ensuring that your skin is in maximum contact with your favorite sheet mask. That’s right, more nutrition-packed serum will be absorbed into your skin instead of evaporating away!

▼ Here’s what the Silicone Moisturizing Mask looks like.

Our trusty Japanese-language reporter, Go Hattori, will now take you through what he did with his mask! First, he kept his face straight and stretched a sheet mask over it.

Next, Go fitted on the Silicone Moisturizing Mask and secured it using those ear loops, while carefully performing tiny adjustments around the jaw.

▼ Just like a jigsaw puzzle, everything was in place!

What a comfortable fit! Perhaps his own sweat contributed to the moisturizing process, but it felt as if the Silicone Moisturizing Mask prevented the hydrating essences from the sheet mask from evaporating. It successfully extended the contact time between his skin and those fortifying essences, maximizing absorption and giving it a much-needed intense rejuvenation. 

▼ Go nourishing his skin the smart way

The fit was so comfortable and snug that Go felt as if the mask was one with his skin, and the mask didn’t budge at all when our reporter looked downwards, allowing him to carry out his chores and desk work smoothly. Conventional masks can be peeled off after they have dried up, but since the sheet mask was nowhere near drying out in Go’s case, he began to wonder when he could finally take it off, so it might be wise to consult the sheet mask instructions in that case. For a product costing a mere 100 yen, our reporter (with skin revitalized) never would have thought he’d get so much value out of it!

As an added bonus, the Silicone Moisturizing Mask is reusable, so all you have to do is give it a gentle wash, dry it, and it’s ready for your next hydrating session! Head to Daiso now and give it a try; this low-cost mask will turn out to be a valuable addition to your repertoire of beauty products.

Images: ©SoraNews24
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