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With just days left until Japan’s consumption tax jumps from five to eight percent, we’ve resigned ourselves to having to suddenly pay a little bit more for, well, just about everything. So it’s nice to know that this week brings one last hurrah for budget-based pricing, as for two days Subway is cutting us all a break by knocking the price of two of their most popular sandwiches down to almost half of what they ordinarily go for.

The internationally-loved sandwich chain has decreed that this year March 27 and 28 shall be known as Subway Days. Actually, Subway runs a similar promotion every year in Japan, but seeing how 2014 marks its 22nd year in Japan, it’s discounting two of its menu items by 220 yen to just 290 yen each.

Even better, the sandwiches in question aren’t the sort of unappetizing hodgepodge that a bachelor could slap together from the incongruent and aging contents of his refrigerator. Instead, they’re Subway’s roast beef and club sandwiches, two bona fide hits that even people who know how to cook will gladly eat.

▼ Club (left) and roast beef (right)

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With the impending tax hike looming, many consumers in Japan are stockpiling things they know they’ll need ahead of time (hence my war chest of aftershave lotion and paper towels). Unfortunately, during Subway Days, the number of reduced-price sandwiches each customer can order is limited to just five per visit, so you won’t be able to buy a year’s worth, stick them in the freezer, and thaw them out as needed.

▼ You will be set until the weekend, though.

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