Try this sub if you like, and we mean really like, roast beef!

Subway in Japan has been known to have some pretty unique sandwiches, and with recent special additions to their menu, it seems like their motto is “Go big or go home.” A sandwich is not a sandwich if you can actually taste the bread, apparently.

That’s probably what Subway was thinking when they introduced the “Infinite Destroyer” to their branch at the University of Tokyo. With a name like that, you might assume it’s going to be insanely spicy or impossible to finish (which it may very well be for some), but it might actually be the infinite destroyer of cows, because this sandwich is stuffed to the brim with a whopping 25 slices of roast beef.

There are four varieties of the Destroyer, depending on your level of hunger (and probably how much you like roast beef). The first level, simply called the Destroyer, has only twice the regular amount of beef, presumably just 10 slices. At the next level, is the King Destroyer, with three times as much roast beef, followed by the God Destroyer with four. Naturally, the Infinite Destroyer is the father of all the Destroyers, at five times the ordinary amount of roast beef in a Subway sandwich.

Of course, the price goes up with each additional serving of roast beef, starting at 920 yen (US$8.72) for the Destroyer and culminating at 1,940 yen ($18.39) for the Infinite Destroyer. And that’s only for a 6-inch sub!

▼ There’s so much meat that you can’t even close the sandwich.

It’s no surprise that such a sandwich would exist, since in Japan roast beef is considered a popular delicacy. You can even get whole towers of roast beef at some restaurants! If you’re wondering why it’s only available at the University of Tokyo, well, no one knows for sure, but it might be because the sandwich probably has enough servings to feed two or three people, so three poor students can split one of these Herculean sandwiches for roughly six bucks each.

We need to make sure our Japanese-language reporter P.K. Sanjun hears about this – after all, the Infinite Destroyer could bring him closer to his long desired goal of a 100-slice roast beef sub.

Source: Henteko Gourmay Guide via Hachimakikou
Featured Image: Twitter/@asobikikau