But is the Wild Clubhouse truly as wild as they say it is?

Subway is famous for its healthy food options, but now that customers are craving wholesome, filling meals over winter, the sandwich chain has come up with a wholesome idea to fill those bellies: the heaviest sub in history. 

This is a pretty wild claim, seeing as overseas branches of the chain have broken all the rules with giant six-foot-long subs before, but outside of those monstrosities, the Wild Clubhouse is said to be punching in a heavyweight class that outdoes all the other subs on the menu in Japan.

Our reporter K. Masami was keen to put this claim to the test, purchasing the sub and lining it up with a regular sub to see if there were any major differences in appearance.

▼ The Wild Clubhouse can be seen at the top of the photo below, with a regular Roast Chicken beneath it.

Going purely on appearances, the Wild Clubhouse didn’t look that much larger than the regular sub, and it didn’t feel a lot heavier either. Plus, it only contained 412 kilocalories, which is considerably less than some of the other options on the menu like the Pizza Basil Tomato Chicken.

▼ Masami knows to never judge a sub by its cover, though, so she reserved judgement until the eating.

Opening the sandwich in search of its wildness, Masami found a whole plethora of ingredients inside. There were eggs, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, chicken, bacon, and plenty of cracked pepper here, all smothered in a chipotle sauce.

The chipotle (otherwise known as “smoked chilli sauce” on the menu) is one of two sauces customers can choose from, with the other option being a less spicy Black Pepper sauce.

As soon as Masami took her first bite of the Clubhouse, she knew what made it so wild: the sauce. While the delicious contrast between the soft chicken and crispy bacon was a standout highlight, the first bite made Masami’s tongue tingle, warming her body immediately.

By the time she’d polished off the sandwich, her brow was dotted with beads of sweat, her entire body was warm, and her belly was full and satiated. The spicy sauce was a great complement to the meat, while the freshness of the vegetables worked to cut through the spiciness, creating a well-rounded balance of flavours in every mouthful.

It was definitely a great sandwich, and certainly more filling than a regular sub, due to its three layers of fillings, but Masami wouldn’t have said no to a little more wildness and volume, considering all the buzz surrounding the new release.

Still, if she wants more volume, she can always return to the chain between 20-29 November, when customers can receive 1.5 times more meat than usual for an extra 60 yen (US$0.53) as part of a “Meat Prosperity Campaign”.

Now that Masami has taken a walk on the wild side at Subway, though, she’s keener than ever to get her jaws around a truly giant sub, like the one we tried back in 2018.

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