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It’s hard to think of an anime franchise that’s had a bigger impact than Macross. Aside from being a huge hit in its native Japan, the military sci-fi saga has provided no fewer than three gigantic boosts to anime’s international popularity. The original Macross, repackaged internationally as Robotech in 1985, provided many English speakers with their first taste of Japanese animation, a feat repeated by its 1994 direct-to-video follow-up, Macross Plus. Macross’ first theatrical feature, 1984’s Do You Remember Love?, is even largely credited with kick-starting the practice of fan-produced anime translations.

Now, the franchise is poised to bring in yet another crop of new fans, with the announcement that a new Macross TV series is on its way.

The most recent Macross iteration was Macross F (seen in the image above), which first aired in 2008 as part of the franchise’s 25th anniversary celebration. Macross F went on to be such a huge hit that two theatrical versions were later produced, as well as tons of merchandise and the life-sized mock-up of the series’ iconic Valkyrie robot that we visited in Yokohama last year.

Last night, Japanese broadcaster Tokyo MX reran the Macross F finale, and following the episode’s end, viewers saw the following screen, promising “Production is underway on a new Macross TV series!”

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No other details have been given, but each new Macross TV series until now has largely swept away its predecessor’s cast and setting, so a direct sequel featuring the same characters as Macross F seems unlikely. Long-standing director and showrunner Shoji Kawamori, who also serves as the franchise’s mecha designer, has always held that the three pillars of Macross are transforming robots, idol singers, and love triangles, though, so it’s a safe bet that whatever the specifics, the new series will incorporate those three elements in some form.

▼ Kawamori speaks to fans at Anime Japan 2014

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Frustratingly, no timetable has been given as to when fans can expect the new series, but given that Kawamori’s current TV project, the robot-packed historical mishmash Nobunaga the Fool, is scheduled to run until at least the beginning of summer, the new Macross is unlikely to debut any time before then. Given the franchise’s decades-spanning track record of success, though, odds are it’ll be worth the wait.

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