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Look forward to 2016 with new anime Active Raid from the director of Code Geass!

More often than not, stories and franchises start as manga in Japan and, if they become popular enough, you will see them evolve into an anime, musical, or sometimes even a live-action versions. While it is great to see our favorite stories presented in different formats, viewers will usually know exactly where the plot will go and how the characters develop.

A show that can never fall victim to that trap is a completely original anime series that makes its debut on the TV screen. You won’t know if it’s going to be any good, but with the kind of pedigree behind Active Raid: Special Public Security Fifth Division Third Mobile Assault Eighth Unit, you can bet we are looking forward to its 2016 release. Though it’s going to take us a while to use its full name in conversation…

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Good news for robot and pop idol fans: new Macross anime series is on the way!

It’s hard to think of an anime franchise that’s had a bigger impact than Macross. Aside from being a huge hit in its native Japan, the military sci-fi saga has provided no fewer than three gigantic boosts to anime’s international popularity. The original Macross, repackaged internationally as Robotech in 1985, provided many English speakers with their first taste of Japanese animation, a feat repeated by its 1994 direct-to-video follow-up, Macross Plus. Macross’ first theatrical feature, 1984’s Do You Remember Love?, is even largely credited with kick-starting the practice of fan-produced anime translations.

Now, the franchise is poised to bring in yet another crop of new fans, with the announcement that a new Macross TV series is on its way.

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