Macross anime and Japan’s oldest kabuki theater collaborate for special art exhibit

Traditional deculture!

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Macross for all! Legendary anime’s Japanese rights holders finally settle dispute with Robotech

After decades of nebulous legal fights, Macross will finally be coming to the rest of the world!

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Japan’s beautiful cosplay violinist dazzles the eyes and ears in cover videos, surprise concerts

Musical and visual tributes to anime including Your Name, Sailor Moon, often require her to cosplay as two different characters in the same video.

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Macross is back! Preview released for Macros Delta, latest chapter in anime franchise 【Video】

Latest installment of the anime franchise ups the idol singer ante with no fewer than five pop stars, plus five handsome young men for them to dogfight with.

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Good news for robot and pop idol fans: new Macross anime series is on the way!

It’s hard to think of an anime franchise that’s had a bigger impact than Macross. Aside from being a huge hit in its native Japan, the military sci-fi saga has provided no fewer than three gigantic boosts to anime’s international popularity. The original Macross, repackaged internationally as Robotech in 1985, provided many English speakers with their first taste of Japanese animation, a feat repeated by its 1994 direct-to-video follow-up, Macross Plus. Macross’ first theatrical feature, 1984’s Do You Remember Love?, is even largely credited with kick-starting the practice of fan-produced anime translations.

Now, the franchise is poised to bring in yet another crop of new fans, with the announcement that a new Macross TV series is on its way.

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