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Cute, loveable, selfish, or cold-hearted, whatever you think of cats, they’re nothing but entertaining, and this little fella is no exception. Taken from what must have been hours of footage captured by its owners, these videos show one particular cat’s penchant for newspapers, plastic, bags and even plants – anything that springs back when he hits it – as he sits and paws, and paws, and paws away, never seeming to get tired.

Whatever it’s made of, so long as it bounces back, this little guy will tap at it for hours.

▼ Newspapers? I’ll tap that.
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▼ Junk mail? It’s getting a pawing.

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▼ That plant needs some attention, too.

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▼ Paper bags? Yup, and you.

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▼ Even plastic will do!

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▼ Sorry, were you reading that?

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Check out the videos to see just how dedicated this little cat is. We can’t help thinking his owner would be better off getting their daily news delivered to their iPad…

Hey, at least he doesn’t need expensive cat toys, right?

Source: YouTube via Zaeega