Bright, keen eyes and turning heads makes this a very cute video.

Cats can pretty much do anything and they’ll win our hearts. Chasing their tail? Awww. Asking for attention? You got it, kitty. Hypnotizing themselves to sleep with their tail? Sooo cute. Tracking a bug in the room so intently that their heads are whipping back and forth as it flies across their fields of vision? Yes, please.

The above video, shared by Twitter user @fig1109, was shared and liked more than 100,000 times, and for good reason. Just look at how the six cats‘ heads are rapidly swinging back and forth, watching with amazing levels of concentration as a single stink bug flies across the room. It’s almost as if they’re watching the most intense tennis match of their lives! At first some of the cats aren’t that interested, but when the stink bug gets a little close, each and every one focuses their attention on it.

Carefully, they track the bug’s movement. Left, right, up, and down

Then, when the bug appears to land on the light above, all six cats stand up and are waiting for their chance to take it down, watching with unblinking eyes and unwavering attention.

Then two of them even decide to put their front paws on the frame of the bed, in preparation for an attack…though the bug is wise enough not to get within swatting range. Meanwhile, the other four cats are still laser-focused.

Eventually the bug appears to have moved farther out of reach, and the front line stands down, while still being fully prepared to launch an attack, should the enemy dare to approach.

▼ All of @fig1109’s cats, plus their other pets. The cats’ names are, starting with those on the left: Yukimi, Nozomi, Manju, Chiemi, and Nodaka. On the right: Manzou, Torao, Monaka, and Komatsu.

@fig1109 actually has nine cats, plus four dogs and a rabbit, a goat, and even a snake, so every day must be a fun adventure for these curious kitties and their doting owner, just like the cats who love to spend every day watching the farmer next door plant his rice field.

Source: Twitter/@fig1109 via Netlab
Images: Twitter/@fig1109
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