Yep, unfortunately it’s Monday again. It just doesn’t take the hint, does it? It’s like that kid no one ever wants at the party, but who just keeps turning up anyway.

So to ease you on your way into the week, we’ve got some cute little bunnykins who are all dealing with the dreaded Monday in their own special ways.

Perhaps you start the day out like this cool guy. Get up, take a shower, then slick back those luscious locks with some super-strength hair gel. Nothing’s cooler than a quiff, right guys? John Travolta, eat your heart out.


This bunny’s got his Monday sorted. An early rise, he’s up and at work before anyone else – he’s probably already got through the weekend backlog of emails – and is now taking a break like a boss.


The little guy below isn’t doing quite as well. He’d probably be getting a bit of a telling off from the boss if he wasn’t just SO FREAKING ADORABLE.


Yeah, this one’s more like me on a Monday. Half-way through the day and still looking like he’s just woken up thinking ‘Where am I? What day is this? Wait… who am I again?!?!’. Someone get the poor thing some coffee, stat!


Here’s hoping you all have had, or are about to embark upon, as good a Monday as possible followed by a great rest of the week.

Source: Vippers, Wikimedia Commons, BunnySlippers