I always hear of these so-called “short people problems“. Things like never being able to reach the top shelf; having to jog to keep up when walking with people who are taller; people using your head as an arm rest…

While I can’t personally sympathize, maybe this rabbit can, as he tries so hard to get a good view out the window, but just can’t quite reach.

▼”Even though he stood up as tall as he could, he couldn’t see the view outside and gave up.”

This little guy was out for a car ride, and all he wanted was a bit of a view. Try as he might, it just wasn’t enough, and all he got was a view of the door.


▼”Well this sucks…”


And he slumps back in the seat in defeat.


Poor guy. Even with a pillow to boost him up, it just wasn’t enough. So, short people of the world, now you can look on the bright side – at least you’re still able to look out the car window!

Source and images: Twitter (@goen0414) via hamusoku