Of course we all enjoy the mouse-pads with silicone filled breasts that we have at home. Like a scene you might find in a Norman Rockwell painting, there’s nothing more wholesome than an otaku bathing in the glow of their monitor in a darkened room, pinching those little sacs with an anime girl printed on it, is there?

But this enjoyment can only be had in our homes. In the hustle and bustle of the modern world it’s hard to find such enjoyment outside. Luckily, now with Puni Puni Case for the iPhone 5 and 5S you can enjoy a fulfilling life without having to sacrifice the freedom to pinch cartoon boobies.

Puni Puni Case comes in five types to suit your tastes of fashion, from turtlenecks to bikini tops and character from childhood friend to maid to pigtailed sister. That’s right, now you can let the whole world know your particular fantasies about feeling up your neighbor by attaching it to your smartphone!

By now you must be saying to yourself: “This is certainly both a stylish and time-saving product that I’m going to buy. It’s just… I’m terrible with technology. How will I ever be able to work this new-fangled thing!?”

No problem! The makers at MonoMode have provided this animated gif with step by step instructions on how to properly use the Puni Puni Case.

Puni Puni Cases can be purchased online for 2,500 yen (US$24) before tax. Don’t hesitate and order now, or else you might be the only one in your neighborhood without one. And then you’d look weird.

Source: Rakuten via Toychan