Every once in a while we experience pleasant beauty of synchronicity in life, whether it’s listening to Pink Flyod’s Dark Side of the Moon while watching The Wizard of OZ or just listening to The Police’s Synchronicity.

Another such case is the uncannily fitting combination of a North Korean calisthenics video for children with the background music to a Final Fantasy IV boss battle. A video of it was posted on YouTube quite a while ago, but it’s worth revisiting again and again.

First let’s take a look at the original video that’s keeping the DRPK youth fit and active.

Alright, that was pretty awesome by itself, and if you don’t think so you clearly didn’t sit through all four minutes and 14 seconds of it. Please go back and do so now. The rest of us will wait…

Hang on. We’re still waiting for that one lady over ther… Okay.

By the detectable sounds of a Moog synthesizer and Theremin we can assume this is a relatively new video in North Korea made with recently developed musical technology. It’s hard to image how it’s possible to improve on that but we will soon see.

Before that though here is a FFIV boss battle against Zemus so you can hear the background music. You don’t have to watch all of this, Final Fantasy is like bowling. It’s way more fun to play than to watch.

Put the two together and what do you get?

The music adds an extra layer of meaning to the whole routine as the kids put their arms akimbo with added purpose. The whole dance carries a sense of urgency previously unseen in North Korea’s typically laissez-faire videos.

Viewers both Japanese and Western were expecting the children to unite into the FFIV boss Calcabrina.

The rest, on the other hand, were simply confused.

Source: ViRATES (Japanese)
Video: YouTube – Watanuki Makoto Shigatsu Ichinichi Makoto, vinnyfav, MegaUltraJMan, AquaRing, chojiro22

Of course kids don’t get all the fun of movement in North Korea, there are videos for all ages.