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Goku, the protagonist of smash-hit anime and manga franchise Dragon Ball, is one of Japan’s most iconic fictional characters. Even decades after his 1984 debut, he’s still instantly recognizable and almost universally loved by comic and animation fans.

With 30 years of stories, there’s been plenty of time to flesh out the spiky-haired martial artist’s backstory. Still, Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has kept one bit of his most popular hero’s life shrouded in mystery until now, as Goku’s mother will appear for the first time in a special one-off manga.

It’s actually a little surprising that we haven’t seen Goku’s mother until now, as the prolonged popularity of Dragon Ball means that a staggering number of the hero’s family members show up during the saga. Aside from his wife, Chichi, Goku’s sons Gohan and Goten often take part in their father’s adventures. In addition, the father, father-in-law, brother, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, and even great-great grandson all make appearances at some point during the extended series.

▼ We’re guessing Chichi’s father is wearing his formal horned helmet in this shot.

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Since Toriyama stopped drawing new installments of Dragon Ball in 1995, fans may have concluded they’d never set eyes upon the woman who gave birth to the mighty martial artist, especially since the esteemed manga artist had seemingly moved onto other projects, such as last year’s manga serial Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

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Late in the story, however, it’s revealed that Jaco is set in the same universe as Dragon Ball, and its events take place before we meet Goku in his series. With the stage set for a continuity crossover, a special additional chapter is being added to publisher Shueisha’s upcoming Jaco omnibus. Titled Dragon Ball Minues, Toriyama promises that it will feature Goku’s mother, a woman named Gine.

▼ Like all men in the family, Goku’s father, Bardock, is a powerful fighter named after a root vegetable.

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The omnibus goes on sale April 4, in both a normal edition and a special bundle that includes a post card, key holder, and pin. The latter, pricier set is sure to be a treat for Toriyama fans, but don’t forget to also budget for plenty of hair gel if you’re going to do your hair like Goku’s while you read this very special chapter of the series he starred in.

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