Our Dragon Ball enthusiast reporter transforms into his version of the Prince of all Saiyans and may still be running to this day.

March 18 is annually celebrated as Saiyan Day, the result of a linguistic pun because 3-1-8 can be read as “sa-i-ya” in Japanese, which is also the way to say “Saiyan” (saiyajin). That fact, coupled with the passing of Dragon Ball‘s legendary creator Akira Toriyama earlier this month, recently made our team of reporters a bit nostalgic for the long, drawn-out battles and powering-up days of their youth.

▼ Surprise Kamehameha attacks also make for an excellent teaching tool to keep the students in line.

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Masanuki Sunakoma in particular had always wanted to try on some Saiyan battle armor, but couldn’t find anything on Amazon Japan or Rakuten that seemed halfway quality enough to survive even a sneeze from Frieza. However, thanks to a recent tip from a friend, he finally found a bodysuit on AliExpress for only 1,253 yen ($8.28), or 2,002 yen including postage. That seemed too good to be true, but the customer reviews gave it an average of 4.6 out of 5 stars and largely praised its appearance and functionality with plenty of photos of the received product.

Still slightly skeptical but willing to spring for the dirt-cheap deal, Masanuki placed an order. While it was supposed to arrive within two weeks, it actually took closer to a month to get to his doorstep–but because it arrived precisely on Saiyan Day, he thought it may have been fated that way from the start.

The suit was compactly folded inside of a plastic bag. It wasn’t as small as it would’ve been if it came in one of Bulma’s capsules, but it was still quite portable.

As Masanuki slowly unpackaged it, the gradation of the body-fitting, blue portion of the armor caught his eye. It truly appeared as if it were three-dimensional and clinging to the chiseled muscles of a Saiyan warrior!

In fact, the curvature and shadows of muscles were realistically represented over the whole suit. Just like how the armor is portayed in Dragon Ball, it also seemed to be stretchy and durable. He couldn’t wait to try it on for himself.

Potential warriors, take note–donning this suit is an even faster way to achieve instant muscles than training for a day [year] in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

As soon as Masanuki slipped it on, he instantly felt an elevated power and confidence coursing through his body. So this was what was Vegeta must feel like on a regular basis. He was ready to take on the world–and accordingly, strolled right out of the door of the SoraNews24 offices into the streets of Shinjuku.

▼ Masanuki also thanks Vegeta for his newly toned butt.

Just as it appeared, the suit was decently elastic and very easy to move in. Masanuki felt like he could either destroy the earth or save it, depending on which chapter of Vegeta’s character arc he wanted to emulate. For now, he might as well start training.

He was truly lighter and faster than even before. Would this be the day that he could finally defeat Kakarot…?!

▼ Running off either to find Goku or to see if that army of Friezas was still hanging around after the Hakone Ekiden.

All in all, he gave the suit full marks for its appearance, functionality, and value.

If you’re wondering if Masanuki was at all a little shy about wandering around in public dressed like Vegeta in his battle armor, the answer is an unequivocal no. After all, the locals are very used to our team’s frequent shenanigans and just ignore them.

Reference: AliExpress
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