Last year, Osaka-based heavy manufacturer Yanmar unveiled some major changes to their line-up. Hoping to breathe fresh life into the age-old life of farming, they designed a bad-ass tractor and futuristic farming wear.

Since then, the rest of us have had to deal with uppity Japanese farmers walking around town in their high-end fashions with their noses firmly aimed at the sky. They say they’re just avoiding the manure smell, but everyone knows what really stinks.

However, now Yanmar is letting us lowly peasants get a taste of the high life, by releasing a limited number of their cutting-edge farm wear for sale to the general public. As you can imagine, this kind of fashion doesn’t come cheap.

These outfits were created by Kashiwa Sato of Yanmar and designer Naoki Takizawa combining their talents for farming ingenuity and fashion awareness. They chose a base color of titanium brown which symbolizes the earth on which farmers toil. To compliment this, the menswear is given black patterns while women get bright pink borders and chevrons.

Here are the items now on sale.

Agricultural Jacket
MEN: 45,000 yen (US$433)/ WOMEN: 43,000 yen ($414)

A limited quantity of these jackets will be sold: 1,000 to be exact. They’re designed to be lightweight and easy to move around in, but also built tough and waterproof. And if that ain’t enough, look out! Smartphone pocket!

Agricultural Pants
MEN: 35,000 yen ($337)/ WOMEN: 33,000 yen ($317)

These might look like your average run of the mill super-hip brown pants, but Yanmar’s Agricultural Pants have an elastic band to wrap around your heel so that they don’t ride up while you’re wearing boots. There’s also some built in knee pads for all your kneeling needs. Act now and you just might be able to get one of the 500 pair on sale.

Washable Jump Suit
MEN: 43,000 yen ($414)/ WOMEN: 42,000 yen ($404)

Buying the jacket and pants can be expensive, so why not combine them in this useful and sleek jumpsuit? They have zippers that open in all the sexiest places; butt, chest, and armpit.

Cap With Sunshield
2,000 yen ($19)

With a brim in front and flap in the back, you get the solar protection of two hats in one. However, if two-hat protection is too intense for you, the back part is removable.

Adjustable Belt
1,300 yen ($13)

It’s adjustable… Very much so, and that’s just about it. That’s probably why it’s only 1,300 yen ($13).

With all this exclusive fashion waiting to be bought, how can you resist not getting one of each for you and your significant other – which should run you about 247,600 yen ($2,383).

It’s nice that Yanmar is letting the rest of us get our dirty city-slicker mitts on their fancy duds, but I’m holding out for the tractor.

Source: Yanmar via Netlab (Japanese)