Japan’s most popular alcoholic drink is beer—and now it’s easier than ever to serve perfectly! True to form for a country known for automation, Japanese brewer Asahi has released the Tornado: a machine that automatically fills cups with beer. Rather than pouring, the spigot connects to the bottom of the specially-formed cup, filling it from the bottom up. As it fills, the foam swirls, resembling a—you guessed it—tornado!

The cup is snapped onto the spigot on the base of the machine and the operator simply presses a button to start.



The best part is that as the cup fills, the beer is illuminated from below. It’s like a party in a glass!

▼With the background music in the video, don’t you just want to dance?


▼Uh-huh, uh-huh!


▼Ow, baby, get down!


▼Dancing is thirsty work. Why hello, beer!




As residents of  Japan will know, Japanese beer drinkers love a generous amount of head. In fact, it is not uncommon to get a beer that is almost one-third foam! The machine has a second nozzle just for topping up the cup with extra suds. The result is a beer that looks as good as it tastes.

When it comes to beer, what the average Japanese drinker considers “delicious” is what the average Western drinker considers “the space where my beer should be.”


Mr. Sato reports that the bubbles are particularly fine, making the experience especially enjoyable.

▼You have to admit, it does look pretty in all its fluffiness!


▼You can see the valve at the bottom of the cup specially formed to fit the spigot without leaking.


The first Tornado was installed in Koshien, Hyogo Prefecture back in 2012. Actually, 150 machines were installed in Japan in 2013! While it’s not a familiar sight yet, it promises to continue growing as a trend. Aside from being easy to operate while providing consistent results, it’s just really cool to watch. Seriously, check it out! We bet you can’t help hitting replay!

By the way, that video was recorded in a surprising place. Can you guess where?

▼The Colonel always enjoyed a beer with his chicken. Don’t leave the man hanging!

The Colonel

That’s right, it was a KFC! In fact, it was the KFC in Solamachi, the shopping center recently built at the base the Tokyo SkyTree. Robot beer and a great view? We’ll take that!

Just two years ago, Kirin released machines that dispense the head frozen—almost like soft serve ice cream. While the drinks produced by Asahi’s Tornado are less unique, they are probably more practical. Compared to pouring beer directly from the tap, the Tornado actually saves time, making it one investment bar owners everywhere can appreciate. Now, how long before they release the home version?

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