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Ginza’s history as one of Tokyo’s playgrounds for the well-to-do stretches back further than relative upstarts like Harajuku or Roppongi. While this means you can almost always find an elegant café to stop into for a refined mid-day snack, some of these establishments can be a little intimidating with their blue-blood atmosphere.

There is at least one place in Ginza, though, where you can indulge your sweet tooth without feeling any social tension, as nothing is so far removed from stuffiness as a bunny rabbit parfait.

It’s said that Nicolas Charles, the French-born owner of the café of the same name in Ginza, immigrated to Japan after a picture of a Japanese rabbit he saw as a child left a deep impression on him. He eventually found his way to Tokyo, and whether or not that piece of animal photography was the only impetus he needed to make his international move, there’s no questioning his love of rabbits, which can be seen in the café’s interior and even Charles’ choice of headgear.

▼ This is not the hat of someone who identifies himself as a “dog person.”

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You won’t just find rabbit-shaped decorations, though, as you can grab a seat in the dining space on the second floor and enjoy a bunny parfait.

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Out of the four varieties, the favorite among female customers is the raspberry concoction, with its feminine pinkish color. Diners praise it not only for its refreshing taste, but for the way in which the lengthy list of ingredients allows them to enjoy a variety of flavors. As you dig your way down to the bottom of the glass, you’ll come across cassis puree, orange sponge cake, crumbled jasmine cookies, raspberry sherbet, and chocolate ice cream.

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The pistachio parfait lets you enjoy caramel gelatin, cherry, and chocolate ice cream, not to mention the fantasy that the rabbit is hiding in a grassy field.

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The crème brulee parfait promises to have a flavor as sophisticated as its name, thanks to the white wine gelatin mixed in with the vanilla ice cream.

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And finally, if your three favorite flavors are chocolate, chocolate, and chocolate, this parfait gives you exactly that many ways to enjoy it with its chocolate ice cream, chocolate mousse, and bits of chocolate cake.

The café is located in one of Tokyo’s best-known high-rent districts, though, so all that cuteness does come at a bit of a premium, as the special parfaits are priced at 1,780 yen (US$17.45). If you’re looking for something a bit more modestly priced, or if you just don’t feel in the mood for ice cream, Nicolas Charles can also set you up with a bunny cream puff, which shouldn’t run you much more than 500 yen.

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Even though the cream puffs are a more recent addition to menu, just like real rabbits, all of the love surrounding them is causing their number to grow at an amazingly rapid rate.

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Restaurant information
Nicolas Charles /ニコラシャール
Address: Tokyo-to, Chuo-ku, Ginza 5-5-8, Nishi Gobanzakaguchi Building
東京都中央区銀座5-5-8 西5番街坂口ビル
Open 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Source: Naver Matome
Top image: Nicolas Charles
Insert images: Nicolas Charles, Naver Matome, Nicolas Charles, Tabelog