Who is the scariest driver out there? The people who drive 50 over the speed limit? The one who swerves through all the lanes? The slow guy who can’t go any more than 20 under the limit causing you to swear up a storm? Or how about those people who drive the giant trucks, who can’t see anything around them? Yeah, those are pretty scary, and a new video from China shows what happens when those big trucks don’t pay attention!

Today’s big, bad truck is just that: big, bad and unable to see through the many blind spots trucks that size have.

The driver of the truck claimed that he didn’t see the car, and yet still managed to drive 500 meters (0.3 miles) with the car helplessly attached to the front.

What’s that horrible “car hitting another car” sound? Huh…


“Turn right in 500 meters…recalculating route.” -GPS


There isn’t any audio with the video, so we can’t be sure, but you would think the noise caused by the crash would be enough to alert the truck driver of the situation! But sometimes that Jay-Z song is on and you put your hands up…or maybe the truck DID know and just decided to give the car a ride to the nearest garage (we hope.)

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to the repair shop we go!

truckcar 1

Source: Toychan Net
Images & Video: Live Leak