Sure, we’re crazy about cats and otters and penguins here at RocketNews24, but we’ve got to admit, pandas are pretty darn cute too, whatever form they come in (even when they’re not actual pandas but an entirely different animal in disguise) . This time, the pandas come in an edible form that’s sweet to both look at and eat. They’re the “Fluffy Panda Rolls” (Funwari Panda Roll), and like the countless other panda products out there, they’re utterly adorable!

The Fluffy Panda Rolls are the creation of Japanese confectionery maker Chateraise, and this isn’t the first time they’re selling these darling cakes. The last time these cakes were on sale in late April, they sold over 240,000 in a period of twelve days — that’s over 20,000 cakes a day! And it’s really no wonder the Panda Rolls were so popular. I mean, just look at those faces! Darn it, how can a simple piece of cake be so cute? But we guess that’s just the power of panda magic!

And even more importantly, the Panda Rolls are made with chocolate custard cream containing rich couverture chocolate from Belgium and freshly collected eggs and milk, so they’re bound to taste as good as they are cute.

The Fluffy Panda Rolls will be available this time from May 23 until June 1 at a very reasonable price of 118yen (US$1.16) a piece. They’ll also be selling a lovely baked pudding and cheesecake soufflé using quality Jersey milk starting the same day.

▼The “Jersey Milk Sublime Pudding” (237 yen [ $2.33]) and “Jersey Milk Soufflé Cheesecake” (302 yen [$2.97]) also to be offered from May 23
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Well, we can easily imagine the Panda Rolls selling just as well this time as they did last month. We just hope we can look forward to many more adorable tasty sweets from Chateraise, whatever form they come in!

Source and photos: PR Times press release (Japanese)