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If you were fighting the temptation to dig into confectioner Cozy Corner’s selection of cakes inspired by the leading ladies of the Disney animated canon, congratulations. Your struggle is over, since as of March 4, they’re no longer available.

If, on the other hand, you were hoping to try the stylish sweets for yourself but just couldn’t find the time, you have our sincere sympathies. Don’t feel too bad, though, because no sooner has one set of Cozy Corner Disney desserts bowed out than another has appeared on the scene, this time featuring the studio’s beloved characters cosplaying as Easter bunnies.

Cozy Corner has a two-staged rollout for its new lineup, with the first batch of Disney sweets making their debut on March 4. Starting off with the biggest of the bunch, here’s the 2,160-yen (US $18.30) Easter Pooh, with a honey-infused whip cream outer layer covering more cream with flakes of chocolate and crunchy caramel candies mixed in.

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If you’d rather not put all your Easter eggs in one basket with just a single character, though, for the same price you can also get the Petit Gateau Disney Collection’s nine mini cakes.

▼ Only one of which is Minnie

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All of the stylized characters sport rabbit ears. The back row are all naturally bunnies, starting in the upper left-hand corner and moving to the right with Bambi’s Thumper (blueberry), Alice in Wonderland’s White Rabbit (strawberry cream), and Winnie the Pooh’s Rabbit (chocolate and cream). In the middle row you’ll find Pooh Bear (honey cream), the “Easter Roll Cake” (white chocolate and matcha green tea), and Piglet (sakura cream). Finally, at the bottom of the photo, we can see Minnie (strawberry cream), Mickey (white chocolate and cocoa sponge), and Donald (cheese tart).

While Winnie the Pooh has always been popular in Japan, his soft-spoken star is shining especially bright in this promotion, as he also serves as the motif for the 421-yen honey custard cake and 388-yen honey pudding.

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If you can hold out until March 15, your options will expand to include a number of festive cookie sets. Pictured below from left to right are the seven-piece Easter Egg Disney (540 yen), six-piece Easter Madeleine Disney (540 yen), and the 11-piece Winnie the Pooh Easter Box (648 yen).

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If those cute Disney-decorated boxes are tugging at your heartstrings, but you don’t think you’d be able to bear having to throw them out after you finish the cookies, you might instead want to opt for the 12-piece Disney Easter Gift Tin (1,296 yen) or five-piece Winnie the Pooh Easter Tote (1,080 yen), both of which come in packages that are cute and reusable.

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All of the special Disney sweets will be sticking around until April 9, which is four days after Easter (just in case you find yourself forgetting when the holiday is every year).

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