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No wonder Mickey doesn’t look any older today than he did 80 years ago.

While there are still about two months to go until you’ll be able to get your hands on any trick-or-treat candy, Japanese cake shop Cozy Corner isn’t waiting anywhere near as long to get into the Halloween spirit. This being a Japanese bakery chain, though, even when things get dark, it’s going to be with a touch of cuteness and whimsy, which in Cozy Corner’s case is taking the form of a new lineup of Disney-themed Halloween sweets.

The flagship of the new line is the Disney Villains set of nine mini cakes, each one a tasty nod to one of the animation studio’s memorable antagonists. Cozy Corner did something similar two years ago, but for 2016 they’ve shuffled the lineup of good-tasting bad guys, which now consists of:

Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent (a chocolate cream and blueberry cream cocoa cream puff)
Snow White’s evil Queen (apple jam and cream tart)
● 101 Dalmatians’ Cruella de Vil (raspberry jam and chocolate cream/condensed milk tart)
The Lion King’s Scar (condensed milk cream and pumpkin roll cake)
Alice in Wonderland’s Queen of Hearts (white chocolate cream and raspberry gelée cocoa tart)
Hercules’ Hades (pumpkin cream and cocoa sponge cake)
The Jungle Book’s Kaa (whipped cream and cocoa roll cake)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Frollo (chocolate cream and blueberry sponge cake)
The Three Little Pigs’ Big Bad Wolf (orange jam and chocolate cream tart)

The 2,100-yen (US$20) set comes packaged in an eye-catching box featuring its sinister inspirations.

▼ Back row (from left to right): Big Bad Wolf, Hades, Queen
Middle row: Kaa, Cruella de Vil, Frollo
Front row: Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, Scar

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Of course, you can’t do a Disney-themed anything and not include Mickey, who’s the star of Cozy Corner’s Joyjoy Halloween Pumpkin Cake. But in keeping with the Halloween motif, the Disney mascot isn’t just a mouse anymore, but a vampire mouse.

▼ The inclusion of “Joyjoy” in the Disney cake’s name really underscores how little lasting cultural impact Ren and Stimpy has had in Japan.

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Instead of an insatiable desire for the blood of mortals, the 2,000-yen cake is filled with layers of maple cream and diced pumpkin, covered in pumpkin cream, sprinkled with crunchy caramel bits, and finished off with thin plates of chocolate forming Mickey’s face and ears.

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And finally, if you’re looking for something more individually sized, there’s the 350-yen Joyjoy Halloween Pumpkin Pudding, topped with a swirl of whipped cream.

▼ If it’s not scary-looking enough for you, you could always imagine Mickey isn’t raising his arms because he’s playfully cavorting, but because it’s the last step in the summoning ritual he’s performing to call forth dark spirits after offering all this pudding to them.

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The Disney Villain cake set and vampire Mickey cake go on sale September 1, with the pudding joining them a few weeks later on September 16. All three items will be available until October 31.

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Source: PR Times
Images: PR Times (edited by RocketNews24)

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