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Ties are serious business in Japan. Since all but the most informal businesses require all men to wear one during working hours (unless, of course, it’s “Cool Biz” time), it’s pretty much a necessity for every guy to own a few and if you know more than two or three ways to tie one, all the better.

But, surprisingly, it’s not uncommon for Japanese guys to have no clue whatsoever how to tie a tie. The stereotype goes that these mostly young sartorially-challenged individuals rely on their girlfriends or even dads and moms to knot their tie for them, and in a pinch they’ll just stash an already-knotted tie somewhere in their closet, tighten it on and dash out the door.

One such less-dexterous individual apparently took it upon himself to solve his problem by building an automatic tie tying machine, presumably so that he could finally stop relying on his dad for his wardrobe and move out of his parents’ basement:

The thing looks a little rickety and steampunk-ish, sure, but it gets the job done! All the user need do is put the knotted tie around his neck and tighten it. The machine even does a little clap at the end of the process to wish you luck in the rat race. However, the machine kind of takes an eternity to tie each tie, so you may actually be able to teach yourself to do it in the time the contraption is having at it.

Source: IT Media