Some Japanese Twitter users posted photos of a spherical double rainbow spotted in Ishikawa Prefecture a few days ago, and thank God they weren’t high, because if outdated Internet meme “Double Rainbow Guy” is any indication, it would have literally destroyed their minds with its brilliance.

While Double Rainbow Guy seemed to think his double rainbow sighting was a sign that we aren’t alone in the universe or something, most Japanese Netizens who posted photos seemed to just take it as a sign of good luck, even though this double rainbow is way more awesome because it forms a circle around the sun as though Helios himself were gifting humanity with two giant cosmic frisbees.


Don’t get too excited yet, though. As was the case with Double Rainbow Guy’s double rainbow, science is here to rain on everybody’s parade and explain that double rainbows, even the upside-down variety, are not a particularly uncommon weather phenomenon.

What the Twitter users were actually seeing were two rainbow-colored halos around the sun, formed by ice crystals refracting light; and, rather than being a sign of good luck, halos are often a sign of impending rain because Helios is apparently actually kind of a jerk.

Still, there’s nothing stopping us from admiring the pretty rings from the safety of our computer and smartphone screens.



Source: My Game News Flash