Have you always had a sneaking suspicion that you’re actually a reincarnated princess from the Moon Kingdom? If you’ve ever run into talking cats and a mysterious masked stranger in a tuxedo, or had the urge to punish your enemies “in the name of the moon” while wearing a sailor-type uniform, these could all be signs that you are indeed the 21st century reincarnation of Tsukino Usagi’s past life persona, Princess Serenity.

Once you’ve realized your true identity, feel free to indulge in your past-life princess by dressing the part while waiting for the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal anime this summer. Princess Serenity’s gorgeous dress is now up for sale, and is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little royal sparkle to their wardrobe!

While it’s too bad that this fan’s creative depictions of sailor scout lingerie don’t actually exist, Sailor Moon fans can rejoice with the real-life realization of a different fan-favorite outfit from the franchise!

Japanese online retailer Premium Bandai is now taking pre-orders for the “Princess Serenity Full Dress” until Friday, May 30 at 10 PM Japan Standard Time, which are expected to be ready for shipment in July. In case you’re not familiar with Princess Serenity’s characteristic outfit, here are a couple of images to jog your memory:

▼Princess Serenity in the manga, as drawn by Naoko Takeuchi


▼Princess Serenity in the anime


The dresses are the result of Bandai’s collaboration with fashion brand Riccimie New York’s “Premiere Salon” line of high quality items. And with the amount of exquisite detail on each dress, it’s no wonder they need a few months to manufacture each piece.


 ▼The bust area includes lots of elegant French lace embroidery along with individually hand-sewn pearl and flower motifs.


▼A lovely ribbon design and bows adorn the back of the dress.


▼No matter which angle you look at the dress from, you’re sure to be entranced by its flowing, princess-like silhouette.


The only drawback of the dress is its 108,000 yen (US$1,059) price tag. But if you’re really a reincarnated moon princess in disguise, you shouldn’t be too strapped for cash in the first place, right?

Source: Premium Bandai
Images: Premium BandaiYouTube, Wikipedia
Original article by Yumeno Usagi
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