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As fans the world over continue to wait for the upcoming newest installment of the Sailor Moon franchise, merchandising giant Bandai has been releasing a steady stream of goodies from the hit anime. Recently, we’ve seen compact mirrors and even lingerie inspired by the twin-tailed magical girl and her cohorts, and now comes a line of Sailor Moon pens.

While the majority of the recently-issued Sailor Moon merchandise has been centered on the series’ core group of five Sailors (Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus), Bandai’s designers dug a little deeper into the roster of characters this time. A total of six writing instruments are available, each sold in a pack of two, the first of which is based on one of anime’s most prominent same-sex couples, Sailors Uranus and Neptune.

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The pens of the Uranus/Neptune set come capped with recreations of the top of the Lip Rods, the magical shafts the pair use to transform from ordinary high school girls into their alternate identities as sailor-suited defenders of humanity.

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The second set features replicas of Sailor Saturn’s planet-destroying Silence Glaive, and the Garnet Rod belonging to Sailor Pluto, whose debut in the anime predates her associated celestial body’s demotion to dwarf planet.

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Of course, you can’t make a batch of Sailor Moon merchandise and not include the lunar heroine herself, so the third and final set feature’s main character Usagi’s Spiral Heart Moon Rod from the franchise’s third animated series, Sailor Moon S, paired with her daughter Chibi Usa’s Pink Moon Stick.

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All of the pens can be extended to a length of 36 centimeters (14.2 inches), therein enhancing the fantasy of wielding the magical weapons and/or enabling you to jot down memos from over a foot away.

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The pens are available through the Premium Bandai website, with each set costing 2,808 yen (US$27) before tax. The initial run sold out almost immediately, but thankfully Bandai saw it in their hearts to green-light a second production batch and will be taking orders until 11 p.m. on March 24, with delivery projected for some time in May.

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