One month and more than 400,000 votes later, the people have spoken. Taiwan has chosen its best, cutest, most wonderful high school uniforms!

The huge online election was co-hosted by Koobii magazine and Uniform Map, an online searchable map of Taiwan and Hong Kong that collates photographs of school uniforms – and the girls wearing them. The winning school polled an impressive 100,000 votes. Let’s take a look at the top five!

▼ Uniform Map: bringing you a fusion of schoolgirls and cartography since 2013.


The first and second-placed schools took the top two spots from early May, when the contest opened, and held their positions until voting closed on June 1st. The overall winner was Yung Ping Vocational High School.

▼ This simple white blouse and pale blue skirt proved a hit with voters.


In second place was Chih Ping Senior High School, which polled 80,000 votes for their sailor-style uniform.

▼ Sailor outfits are worn by school students in many countries across East Asia.



As sailor suits have become increasingly associated with cosplay and fetish, however, many schools are adopting new uniforms for girls.

It’s worth noting that the top three uniforms here are quite distinct from each other: the school in third place, Chi-ying Senior High School has this grey pleated skirt and knit vest.

▼ Chi-ying Senior High School received 50,000 votes.



Taiwanese media reports that it wasn’t only high school students voting for their own schools to win: the voting numbers were bolstered by graduates voting for their alma mater. In addition, as not all the pictures are posed by actual students, fans have been voting for the actress or model who’s wearing a certain uniform in the competition entry, too.

▼ Representatives from the schools that placed in the top three.


Finally, here are the fourth and fifth place entries.

▼ National Tainan Chia-Chi Girl’s Senior High School (家齊女中)


▼ Kao-Yuan Vocational High School of Technology & Commerce (高苑工商)


Source: Taiwan no hannou, Uniform Map
Images: Uniform Map