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Burger King Japan has just announced the “60th Anniversary ‘B’iKing Battle,” inviting anyone with the stomach and speed for eating seven Whoppers in half an hour to apply. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Maybe…we have a feeling the grand prize is the last thing participants will want to receive after polishing off two-days’ worth of calories.

The “B”iKing Battle, a play on words incorporating the Japanese word for “all-you-can-eat” (baikingu) and the fast food chain’s name, has a few very specific conditions for applicants:

  • Customers who are confident they can finish seven or more Whoppers in 30 minutes.
  • Must be a member of the Burger King fanclub or email magazine.
  • Must give Burger King Japan permission to publish competitor’s name, photo, and videos.
  • Must be able to come to the Roppongi Burger King on June 19.

The conditions seem a little strict, but the “Battle Rules,” as the official homepage calls it, are simple:

  • Compete to see how many Whoppers you can eat in 30 minutes.

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The grand prize is an entire month’s worth of Whoppers. We’re not sure if “one month’s worth” means 30 free Whoppers, but if so, that’s only about five days’ worth of food for these extreme eaters.

Applications will be accepted from June 6 until midnight on June 12 after which a drawing will take place to determine the lucky participants. Think you’re up for the challenge? Go to the official “B”iKing homepage to sign up and put your eating and Japanese skills to the test!

Source: NariNari
Images: Burger King Japan