We really got our hopes up when we heard that Denny’s Japan is offering an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. For 999 yen (US$9.40), we were promised a pancake paradise complete with whipped cream, a choice of different ice cream flavors, and free toppings. It sounded almost magical.

It turns out, however, that Denny’s promised land of pancakes is little more than an illusion, as a number of Japanese netizens who rushed to the restaurant to try out the buffet reported leaving feeling utterly disappointed, with some commenting that the sorry excuse for a pancake party left even their kids crying, “I’m still hungry!

Although seemingly indicated nowhere on Denny’s Japan’s official website, there apparently exists a rule which states that a diner’s pancake buffet may last no longer than two hours. That doesn’t seem unreasonable since no eatery would ever want its customers to camp out for the entire day, but some people who took themselves to the restaurant to take advantage of the offer complained that merely getting at the pancakes was a challenge in itself.

“I came here for Denny’s pancake buffet but it’s been 40 minutes since I sat down and I still haven’t seen my pancakes…This is not all-you-can-eat lol.”

“They are taking way too long to make the pancakes. Are they out of pancake machines? Nothing is being served…everyone is getting irritated. Is it only happening here in Gunma?”

Imagine waiting 40 minutes for your pancakes after skipping lunch in preparation for your all-you-can-eat challenge, only to be served this puny dish. I would be hopping mad.

“Denny’s pancakes suck so much. LOL”

Some photos shared online also suggest that the pancakes which do make it to diners’ tables are incredibly small, as shown in this comparison with what looks like an MP3 player or small flip-phone:

▼What happened to this, Denny’s?

pancake buffet

It’s no wonder that customers left annoyed and children were driven to tears. The most ironic thing, though, is that if you pay 566 yen ($5.20), you can get one of the many delicious pancake stacks from Denny’s main dessert menu, including the delightful Double Chocolate Sauce Pancake:

So if a diner forks out slightly more than $10, they’re able to eat six gloriously fluffy pancakes instead of the above slices of shrivelled-up batter. I guess the moral of the story here is that sometimes in life, you can’t have your pancake and eat it, too.

Let’s hope these are just a few of the more extreme cases and that other branches of Denny’s are delivering on their promise of truly all-you-can-eat pancakes. We know we’re not ready to give up on the dream just yet!

Source: Hamusoku, J-Cast
Images: Denny’s Japan