It’s been a fantastic week for those slightly older, more sophisticated Sailor Moon fans (in other words, the original generation of fans), what with the introduction of Premium Bandai’s Miracle Romance line of quality Sailor Moon merchandise, which includes eau de toilette and Sailors Uranus and Neptune lip balm.

Now, we’re pleased to announce a new collectible toy designed for adults–Sailor Moon’s Moon Scepter (aka Cutie Moon Rod) featured in Sailor Moon R, the second season of the TV anime series!

The Moon Scepter is only the second item to be released in Bandai’s newest PROPLICA brand of toys geared for adults. The word “PROPLICA” is a portmanteau of the words “prop” and “replica,” as Bandai hopes to faithfully recreate high-quality fictitious props to appeal to a more mature crowd and toy collectors. And we can’t be more pleased that they’ve decided to launch their new line with Sailor Moon goods–their first item was Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick back in April!

▼PROPLICA’s Moon Stick


▼PROPLICA’s Moon Stick even won first place in the “High Target” Category of the 2014 Japan Toy Awards!


PROPLICA’s Moon Scepter collectible toy is very faithful to the version from the TV series. Its sleek design and gorgeous coloring are sure to win fans over, and it even boasts lights and sounds to mimic the show. A pedestal is also provided if you would rather enjoy displaying it than actually using it to vanquish your enemies. At 10,000 yen (US$97.70), tax not included, it’s certainly not cheap, but that shouldn’t stop die-hard fans from emptying their wallets.

Although shops will begin taking preorders for the Moon Scepter on July 1 and it will officially go on sale in October, you can get a sneak peek ahead of time if you attend the 2014 International Tokyo Toy Show, which will be open to the general public on June 14 and 15.

▼PROPLICA’s Moon Scepter


In the Sailor Moon R anime, the Moon Scepter was given to Sailor Moon by Queen Serenity in the episode A New Transformation! Usagi Powers Up (Japanese episode 51)/Cherry Blossom Time (English dub episode 45).

▼”The wand chooses the wizardreincarnated moon princess!”


Sailor Moon immediately goes on to perform her signature Moon Princess Halation attack (also known variously as “Moon Scepter Elimination” and “Moon Scepter Activation” in the English dub).

▼Recognize this stance?


▼Yup, it’s Moon Princess Halation time!


This is also the same episode in which Usagi begins her transformation sequence by shouting “Moon Crystal Power, Make Up!”:

▼A Japanese-language clip of Sailor Moon’s Moon Crystal Power transformation

By the way, the original Moon Scepter toy released back in 1992 sold over 400,000 units along with the original Moon Stick. One of those unopened Moon Scepters recently went for an incredible 98,000 yen ($957.50) on an online auction! So if you buy a few copies of PROPLICA’s Moon Scepter now, you may find yourself with a small fortune 20 years from now!

▼Bandai’s 1992 Moon Scepter toy. The newer version is much sleeker, wouldn’t you agree?


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Images: YouTube, Yahoo! Auctions, Japan Toy Award, PROPLICA