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Last month, anime, movie and travel enthusiasts all got excited over the Japanese tour company offering a package that included being an extra in the upcoming Attack on Titan live-action movie. Sadly, only 50 lucky people were chosen, and everyone else who had dreamed of stepping into the world of the most popular anime in decades is out of luck.

Or are they? Just like how Attack on Titan keeps viewers on their toes with plot twist after plot twist, there’s been an exciting development regarding the live-action adaptation, which is now looking for a new pair of extras to play two of the Titans themselves.

As part of the continuing production process, the movie’s producers have set up a registration system for would-be extras. Whenever they need a few, an email is sent out asking if anyone is interested and meets the criteria, and the latest is reportedly asking for “two men of average height and build” for the role of “Titans.”

▼ This, dear reader, could be you!

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The extra registration form can be found here (Japanese language only, sorry), and asks for basic information such as name age, gender, and contact information. After submitting it, subsequent casting calls will be delivered by email, with scenes tentatively scheduled for filming from now until the end of July at locations in Tokyo and the northern part of the Kanto/east Japan region.

Details haven’t been released as to whether the extras chosen to be Titans will be asked to do such bold things as performing nude or actually devouring human beings in exchange for their 15 minutes of movie fame. For true Attack on Titan fans, though, we doubt either would be a deal-breaker.

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Top image: Attack on Titan extra recruiting website
Insert image: Livedoor