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The second Attack on Titan theatrical feature has been a long time coming, but the film, subtitled The Wings of Freedom, is finally opening in Japan this month. Since the movie is a condensed version of the second half of the anime TV series, there probably won’t be too much in the way of new plot developments. What audiences can look forward to, though, is a movie experience augmented by moving seats, gusts of wind, and other awesome effects.

The special version of Wings of Freedom is being billed as its “4-D edition.” While some have criticized the Attack on Titan TV series for its lackadaisical speed, the pace does pick up considerably in its latter half. Add in the greater urgency necessitated by the 90 minutes or so anime movies tend to run, and it’s a pretty safe bet that Wings of Freedom will be bringing plenty of action to the screen.

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Actually, the film seems to be hoping to supply more thrills than can be conveyed by the screen alone. In addition to seats that move in conjunction with what the audience is seeing, the special version will feature flashing lights, blustering wind, and spraying water. We figure the lights will be timed with explosions and the flashing of the heroes’ blades, and the wind with when Eren, Mikasa, and the rest of the Survey Corps are zipping through the air with their 3-D maneuver gear.

As for the water, though? We’re not sure, but if we had to guess, our money would be on a fine mist to make scenes with flying Titan spittle or splattering blood all the more visceral.

With these effects, Wings of Freedom is set to stimulate the senses of sight, hearing, and touch when it opens on June 27. That still leaves taste and smell unaccounted for, so if you’re really looking to completely immerse yourself, we recommend eating a big batch of fragrant Attack on Titan curry right before you head to the theater.

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