IKEA is a shopper’s paradise. The colors, the designs, and the price all work together and the impeccably presented showrooms make you want to recreate them in your own home. In Japan, there is the extra bonus of that “European style” that really speaks to some shoppers. IKEA is also well-known for its restaurant, where customers can relax and daydream about the new layout of their rooms while stuffing their face full of meatballs. For a limited time in Tokyo, IKEA has made it possible for you to experience living in a space all decked out in IKEA goods and stuff your face with Swedish meatballs at the same time!


Called the “IKEA Lotus Collection café” this limited time café prominently displays IKEA’s Lotus Collection by dressing an entire café like the inside of an IKEA catalogue. Located in Omotesando from April 29-May 6, (only one week!) this café celebrates IKEA’s new collection inspired by the nature of Southeast Asia. Diners can immerse themselves in this “Asian resort” and enjoy an exclusive menu all while imagining the tableware, dining textiles, accessories and furniture in their own homes. That’s right, everything you see is on sale! No longer do you have to wander the showroom of IKEA and only imagine how it would feel to eat a meal there or share a relaxing afternoon with friends, you can try it out for yourself at this café!

RocketNews24 was invited to a private event, so if you can’t make it here during Golden Week, we can show you what it’s like.

▼Right when you enter the café, there’s a bed!



▼Everything you see in this room is available for purchase!





Normally the HOME dining café & gallery, the limited time IKEA café features their normal menu of Italian dishes and sweets along with a special IKEA menu. On this menu are the “Swedish Meatballs” (880 yen, about US$9), “Salmon marinated spring rolls” (380 yen, about $4) and two kinds of Swedish drinks (600 yen each, about $6).


▼The special IKEA menu. 


▼The special items! Classic meatballs and Vietnamese spring rolls.


▼Meatballs! Mango chili and raspberry sauce!




While the Swedish Meatballs, served with a mango chili and raspberry sauce, are delicious, they are a standard affair at IKEA. The real star of the menu may be the Vietnamese style spring rolls. Salmon is not a normal ingredient in these spring rolls, but their addition makes for a very nice texture. The springy skin and salmon plus the vegetables gives rise to a satisfyingly audible bite. The accompanying sauce, a fruity chili sauce, is not overpowering in spice; a very nice complement.

▼Looks like a delicious combination!



▼The fruity chili sauce is an excellent complement.


A carbonated muscat drink called “Elder Flower”, and a cranberry juice drink round out the menu. All of them are very fruity and extremely refreshing, making you feel like you’re at a resort.

▼One the left, the cranberry drink and on the right the muscat drink.


Don’t let your food distract you though, remember this is a store as well, you can purchase any of the decor you see. Immersing yourself in the café, you can easily see yourself assembling these items in your own home. The friendly IKEA staff mentioned that you can check the popularity of items on the IKEA website, and recommends that you make your purchases quickly as popular items tend to go out of stock.

▼Also discounts for anyone with an IKEA family card! 



▼Table seating is also available. 






Store details
Name: IKEA Lotus Collection Café (HOME dining café & gallery)
Location: 5 Chome 11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0001
Event: April 29, 2014 (Tuesday) to May 6, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:30am-11:30pm (4/29 and 5/6 will only be open until 9:00pm)

Images: RocketNews24
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