Do you easily get distracted by your surroundings when you ought to be working or studying? This might just be the kind of “personal space” you need!

Some of us might find that our own homes provide the most conducive environment for working or studying, but there are others who just can’t get in the right gear for getting things done when surrounded by their own stuff. There’s always the option of going to the library or a cafe for a change of scenery, but working away from home is not always the most convenient or economical option either.

South Korean furniture makers have come up with the perfect solution that allows you to have the best of both worlds with these revolutionary study desks.


▼ With these little neat cubicles, even people living in one-room apartments can have a “study room” at home.




These study furniture not only come equipped with shelves to hold your books and documents, they even comes with walls and a door to keep the world away from you while you’re in your “zone”—something which could be pretty handy especially if you don’t live alone.




These compact study cubicles somewhat resemble the cubicles commonly seen at internet cafes in Japan, though probably slightly smaller in size. They don’t come with a small price tag though, with some costing as much as 2,350,000 South Korean Won (US$1,990).

I have the shortest concentration span when it comes to work and study so I could definitely use one of these, but that price is nothing near affordable, so I guess I’ll be pinning my hopes on Santa!

Source/images: Instiz via Zhaizhai News

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