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Internet cafe now offering free, all-you-can-eat bread and fries every morning to customers

Fill that tummy and start your day strong for zero yen.

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Runaway girl returns to family after living in Internet cafes for 10 years

A Chinese teenager who ran away from home at the age of 14 was recently found alive and well after having lived in Internet cafes for 10 years!

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Save space in a spaceship: KAKUREYA “cosy room” pod on sale now!

When life gives you lemons and you just need to escape for a bit, it can be hard to find somewhere to be alone if you’re constantly surrounded by people. But you’ll never find yourself in that situation again, thanks to a cool furniture-on-steroids invention on the market now.

Introducing the KAKUREYA, your very own private space that resembles the fusion between an internet cafe and a futuristic space pod. In fact, based on these pictures we’d have to say that the sensation of being inside it must be similar to what it feels like inside of a Gundam cockpit.

Lots of exciting photos after the jump!

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Japan’s manga cafes allow you to play with cats, enjoy a hot spring bath, and even get a suntan!

Being a manga addict, Japan’s manga cafes are hands down my favorite hideout in the country. Manga cafes (also known as internet cafes) provide you with personal space, internet connection, a free flow of drinks, and of course, a wide selection of manga to read at very reasonable prices. But with strong competition in the business, it seems the basic functions alone aren’t enough to satisfy customers nowadays.

Check out these manga cafes that have silently evolved with better services and facilities!

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We Check Out an Internet Cafe in Myanmar, Find it Full of Gamers

Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, has a ton of internet cafes. There are also coffee shops with wi-fi, and places where you can plug into the net directly, so our intrepid author had no trouble getting online when he was there. He tells us about his experience. Read More

Young Chinese Man “Living” in Internet Café for Six Years

It an Internet café located near Jilin University in China sits a young man who has spent six years of his life continuously playing online games after graduating from university.

Except for where he’ll be nearly 24 hours a day very little is known about this man called Li Meng. Even a reporter from Xinhua was only able to get brief shreds of information while he spent most of the time glued to his monitor.

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US Sailor Arrested in Yokohama, Admits Peeing on the Floor but Denies Nudity

A US Navy sailor has been arrested by Japanese police after wandering around naked and urinating in a manga cafe near Yokohama station, Kanagawa prefecture last Friday.

The incident comes just weeks after the US Military imposed a curfew between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. after two soldiers were arrested for the alleged rape of a woman in Okinawa, causing outcry in the Japanese media.

According to reports, the sailor admits that he urinated in the cafe, but absolutely draws the line at the despicable act of stripping off in a public place…

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