Has World Cup madness gone too far for the Samurai Blue?

When you think of blue food, what comes to mind? Probably not much apart from blueberries and blue corn, or those fun blue-dyed pancakes your mom used to make when you were young. However, all of that’s about to change with the latest menu offerings at two sister restaurants in Kyoto near the famous Kamo River.

Yakiniku Bare Yaruki and Ponto-cho Yakiniku Yaruki are in the midst of a promotional campaign to sell blue horumon (beef/pork offal) for yakiniku diners. This limited-time menu is a show of support for the Japanese men’s national soccer team, which is nicknamed “Samurai Blue.” We’ve seen a blue drink and blue curry created in their honor before, but nothing has quite prepared us for the shock of seeing some vividly blue meat:

▼ That blue meat will either drum up your World Cup fighting spirit or send you running to the bathroom in defeat.

You’re probably wondering “how?” at this point. The horumon is seasoned with mint and the shocking blue color is a result of naturally occurring Spirulina, a microalgae which is often consumed as a dietary supplement. The dish goes for 506 yen (US$4.57), a seemingly arbitrary price until you realize that it actually sounds similar to “goal” when the numbers are read individually in Japanese (go-o-roku).

In addition to the meat, the restaurants are also offering blue beer, wine, lemon sours, highballs, and even more beverages for thirsty bar-goers.

The special blue menu is being offered from June 14 (opening day of the World Cup) for as long as the Japanese team is in action. If you’re feeling particularly “blue” this week, why not toast Japan in their first match against Colombia on Tuesday, June 19 at either of these establishments?

Restaurant information
Yakiniku Bareyaruki Shijo Kawara-machi-ten / 焼肉バルやる気四条河原町店
Address: Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Kawara-machi-dori, Takoyakushi-kudaru, Shioya-cho 333-1
Open: 5pm-1am

Ponto-cho Yakiniku Yaruki / 先斗町焼肉やる気
Address: Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Higashi-kiyamachi-dori, Shijo-agaru, 3-chome, Zaimoku-cho 182-4
Open: 4pm-12am

Source, images: PRdesse
Featured image: PRdesse
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