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There are two great things to look forward to in February in the US. The first is the Super Bowl; the second is definitely the “Puppy Bowl,” an American football game “played” exclusively by puppies. Who doesn’t like watching a bunch of extremely cute canines trying to move toys to their opponents’ end zone?

With over 13.5 million viewers in 2014, it only makes sense that the FIFA World Cup should have its own dog-based representation of the game. They could even call it the “Canine Cup”. If that ever does happen, countries will be scrambling to find their own representatives to put their country at number one! Lucky for Japan, they already have their own soccer-playing dog superstar who is ready to take the field!

We’ve found a video of a very talented beagle named Purin (the Japanese word for “pudding”) who has been taught the skills of “the beautiful game.” If Japan is looking for a non-human substitution for their next game against Greece, à la Air Bud, Purin-chan will be on the next plane to Brazil! Check out her skills!

▼ She can dribble with grace.

puppy 1

▼ She knows exactly where the goal is.

puppy 2

▼ If you put her in goal, she is as solid as any keeper we’ve seen!

puppy 3

puppy 4

Perhaps the most amazing talent is her goooooooaaaaaaal celebration, an incredibly important part of the game. Since goals are few and far between, something extraordinary to pump up the crowd is always welcome. Don’t worry, Purin has that covered too! She jumps up on her front legs and runs around!

puppy 5

If Samurai Blue isn’t looking for some support from our furry-legged friends, surely Nadeshiko Japan, the country’s women’s soccer team, will take Purin on for the next Women’s World Cup in 2015!

Need more Purin the Super Beagle? Check out her Facebook page!

Source: Net Lab
Images: YouTube (Purin Kumagai)