No longer must we carve pudding into poop ourselves live cavepeople.

How many times has this happened to you?

You’re preparing to enjoy a nice cup of custard pudding by carefully molding it into the shape of a freshly coiled turd, but just as you’re putting the finishing touches on the pinched-off end your hand slips and squishes the entire sculpture. Then, in your frustration you just toss the whole thing into a nearby cup of instant noodles.

“ARRRGH! There’s got to be a better way!!!”

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This all too common problem may soon be a thing of the past though, thanks to Yattaze! Unchi Purin (I did it! Poop Pudding) which went on sale from 20 May at participating dealers nationwide.

Yattaze! Unchi Purin takes a lot of the labor out of making poop-shaped pudding with their poop-shaped pudding maker, the ultimate in poop-shaped aesthetics.

With this, making your own poop-shaped pudding in minutes is all too easy. Just mix milk and eggs, then pour the mixture into their poop-shaped mold cups. Then place the cups into the main unit and cook for about 10 minutes.

▼ Just set it and forget it!

So simple and yet the possibilities are endless. You could add some chocolate for that classic brown, mix in some matcha for that spinach-heavy diet feeling, or even toss in some nuts or corn for texture. You could also go the other way with it and craft some otherworldly hot-pink turds with sprinkles. The world is very much your oyster!

Yattaze! Unchi Purin is manufactured by Hac, the same company that brought us last year’s hit Unchiyaki poop-shaped cake maker, so it’s a name we can trust has experience in the poop-shaped food field. In fact, it was due to the overwhelming popularity of Unchiyaki that Hac decided to expand into Unchi Purin.

This popularity has also helped Hac enlist the help of hit VTubers the Omega Sisters to act as the spokesavatars for this product. In the below video the sisters take us through the fun process of making pudding poop from start to finish.

So what are you waiting for? Get off the toilet and get out there to make some poop!

Source: Hac, PR Times
Images: PR Times (Unless otherwise noted)
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